It’s happening

We’ve put our stuff in storage, rented flats out, quit jobs, bought a campervan van, got visas, packed our stuff and the dog, and have started our adventure.

Where are we going?
We don’t have a fixed or planned route. We’d like to be able to travel for a year. Our loose plan is to follow the warm weather. This will likely mean heading to Spain and Portugal, then over the southern Italy and maybe Greece, then up back via Croatia, Slovenia, northern Italy and southern France once the frost starts to melt.

We have to return to the UK after 6 months to assess our next steps, but broadly speaking we’d like to be able to spend the following 6 months exploring the Nordics, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, and more of France.

Why are we doing this?
In simplest terms – to take a break, gain some perspective, find inspiration and have fun.

We’re both in our mid-forties and have spent our working lives in high pressure, decent paying jobs believing this would be the recipe for happiness. Instead we’ve found ourselves burned out and wanting a change, but not having any idea what we wanted to do instead.

So we’re hoping this “year off” will give us the space to figure things out. We’d like to live more in the moment rather than ticking off lists of places to see or things to do.

Will it work? We have no idea. Follow our journey to find out.

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